New release: The Hohmann Transfer

Posted on April 29, 2020
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New full length CD by Martijn Hohmann released on De Fabriek records and tapes. A total of eight tracks make up this release which is a ‘free association between the various forms of leaving earth’  Traveling to the moon, losing one’s consciousness or the end of life itself, with the Hohmann family name as a starting point and guiding theme. Experty Mastered by Jos Smolders at EARLabs.
Released in a luxury spot varnished 6 panel digipack. Limited to 200 numbered copies, each containing a small unique signed artwork.

Available for only 15,- EUR a copy.

Orders can be placed by sending an email to
Shipping within the Netherlands is 3,-. Europe is 7,50, World depends on your location..
You can also order through Bandcamp or Discogs if you so prefer.

The Box

A special edition is also available.

A stamped and pasted 7″ reel-to reel box containing the CD, a giant 840 x 960mm poster, an art-print, a unique signed and numbered artwork and various undisclosed theme related artifacts.
Limited to 25 copies only.  45,00 Eur a copy

Almost gone, only one copy remaining..


Frans de Waard – Vital Weekly may 5th 2020

The first thing to notice here is this released by De Fabriek Records & Tapes, a label usually reserved for releases by De Fabriek, even when in ancient history they released music by Mark Lane, RTC, Gen Ken Montgomery and The Force Dimension. However, Hohmann belongs to the current rotating cast of members of De Fabriek and helps them out with the design of covers. So, that might explain this. Martijn Hohmann works as a visual and audio artist in Breda, The Netherlands,
and over the years he didn’t release that much as a solo artist. His last one was a limited run 3″CDR, Yunus’ (Vital Weekly 1114), which I enjoyed quite a bit, even when it was all way too brief. This time, Hohmann went to town. ‘The Hohmann Transfer’ is released in two editions. One is a standard digipack, with spot varnish and ‘teacup’ print inside, while the other is a box, about 7″ sized and it contains bigger printed cards, “giant 840 x 960mm poster, an art print, a unique signed and numbered artwork and various undisclosed theme-related artefacts”, which I am still not sure what they are. This is an edition of twenty-copies. The poster contains a map of the moon and that is what this release is about; transfers to the moon. The fateful mission of Apollo 10 and the death of Hohmann’s father; both travel towards the moon, the end of life. And, it is also the end of the line of the name Hohmann, so I am told. What is not said here, on the cover or otherwise, is what kind of
instruments Hohmann is using. Before he was interested in using vinyl as sources, but I would think this is replaced by the use of synthesizers, modular, analogue or software-based (I am not the sort of expert to say anything sensible about that), along with found sound from NASA (well, duh!), field recordings and an ancient recording from 1860 of ‘Au Claire De La Lune’. Throughout the music is slow and peaceful; it is like being a slow spaceship moving through a vast empty and dark night, destination moon, but maybe also destination unknown. It is heavy on the drone side but it is not exclusively just that. In ‘Deemesterhede’ there is some sort of pulse to be noted, next to crackles and drones, that reminded me of Pan Sonic and in ‘Au Claire De Lune’, lots static, vinyl crackles and transmissions. Sometimes the music is all-dark but, again, also not something that he does all over the place. ‘Morphin’ is a ray of light, despite the heavy-handed title. Here we have eight pieces,
sixty-three minutes of pure sonic bliss. If I had such a thing, this would be my pick of the week. (FdW)

Gonzo Circus  Juli-augustus 2020
Toevallig draagt deze Nederlandse multimedia artiest dezelfde familienaam als de uitvinder van een spiraalvormige baan voor ruimtereizen. Dit gecombineerd met de dood (Alzheimer) van zijn vader maakt van dit album een verrassend concept rond het thema loslaten. Na enkele vinylreleases (verpakt in pizzadozen) is het de eerste cd voor Hohmann, die dit keer wel moeite doet om in een speciale verpakking te voorzien. Tweehonderd exemplaren komen in een gelakt digipack met als bijlage een individuele print. Een editie van vijfentwintig reist in een box met uniek artwork, en bijlagen waaronder een kaart van maankraters. De muziek werkt veelal met drones, afgewisseld met NASAsamples (Apollo 11), omgevingsgeluiden en radiosignalen. Maar diep verborgen zitten bassen, die af en toe krachtig tot ontploffing komen. Hoewel hij natuurlijk andere uitgangspunten heeft, zal deze cd zeker fans van Lustmord of Inade bevallen. Een bijzondere track vormt ‘lch Habe Mich Sozusagen Verloren’ met een verwarde stem (van zijn vader veronderstellen we) tegen een achtergrond van gedreun. Er komen (te) veel drone-cd’s op ons pad, maar dit is een juweeltje. (pv)


BNdeStem October 2020
download  pdf here:
martijn hohmann 2020-10-22_BNDeStem_-_Breda_-_22-10-2020_print

The Standards Issue

Posted on September 20, 2016
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New release by Martijn Hohmann before the year ends?

Posted on November 14, 2009
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The records have been pressed..Artwork is in the making…
This release will be in an edition of 50 copies.
A sub edition of moulded amber records is in the startup stage.. If all goes well this 7″ will be released on 24 november 2009. A tribute of some kind to Darwin’s ‘On The Origin Of Species’ and Lucier’s I’m sitting in a room’
“to all evolutionary concepts”

Geluidpost 2CD released

Posted on September 17, 2009
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finally  here..


A co release between Lokaal 01 & Universaal Kunst  –  LP-CD 02.
It contains all commissioned pieces curated by Martijn Hohmann during 2007 and 2008.

Janek Schaefer
Rudolf Eb.Er
Sonologie studenten
Steve Roden
Francisco López

Vital review –>
Musiquemachine review –>

staplerfahrer @ Lokaal01 Geluidpost

Posted on October 29, 2008
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Steffan de Turck’s staplerfahrer will be lokaal 01’s last geluidpost participant for 2008.

And the last in the series commissioned by Martijn Hohmann

Steffan composed a piece entitled ‘Mode of perception’ and deals with microsounds and sounds emitted by electromagnetic fields.

It can be listened to from november 21st to december 21st at Lokaal01’s geluidpost in Breda.

There will also be a live concert by staplerfahrer on november 21st @ 20:30.

Hope to see you there!

Francisco López new composition and a live concert

Posted on September 4, 2008
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lopez invite

Francisco Lopéz: ‘Untitled 0908’

Friday September 26th will be the start of a new Geluidpost by Francisco Lopéz.

Lopéz used insectrecordings made in the Costa Rican rainforrest mixed with the sound of hummingbirds.

In addition to this there will be a live concert on saturday september 27th at 20:30 the concert will be with his his typical quadraphonic setup.

Entrance is free, space  limited..

CD sampler Avontuurlijke Muziek pt.2

Posted on July 23, 2008
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For the second time a CD sampler has been released ‘Avontuurlijke muziek’.

It’s given as a freebee at Avontuurlijke Muziek concerts in Brabant and as a supplement to Gonzo Magazine.

All venues collaborating on the Avontuurlijke Muziek project/concept donated a track by one of the acts performing the upcoming year.

Lokaal 01’s contribution is a track by Francisco López : Untitled #190

Francisco will be the next contributor for GeluidPost this upcoming september.

He will also be performing at Lokaal01 in Breda on September 27th at 20:00.

Steve Roden @ Geluidpost

Posted on June 17, 2008
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To these four horizons by Steve Roden

This new Geluidpost composition starts tonight at 20:00 at the Geluidpost in Lokaal01.
It’s a new sound installation using the sounds of rain falling on corbusier’s chappel at Ronchamp.

No concert this time..

june 13 – july 12, 2008

kloosterlaan 138
breda 4811EE
the netherlands

Sonology students @ Geluidpost

Posted on April 22, 2008
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Phonography: recording and working with environmental sound

Including a live performance 25 April @ 20:00
The result of a workshop given by Justin Bennett (GB, 1964).
Featuring: Yamila Rios Manzanares, Thomas Haighton, Ezra Jacobs, Toggi Einarsson, Philipp Götz, Auris Bavarskis and Sophokles Arvanitis

The installation consists in this case of 2 cd players in shuffle mode creating a constantly changing mix.

25 april t/m 25 mei 2008

kloosterlaan 138
breda 4811EE
the netherlands

(Ad)vance(d) @ Geluidpost

Posted on February 10, 2008
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gluidspost 8.indd

Mars F. Wellink of Vance Orchestra fame is back as (Ad)vance(d) and featuring in the first Geluidpost of 2008.

4 chairs + bats can be heard from : 16 feb. to 22 march 2008

There will be a live concert on the opening night @ 20:00 where Mars will be accompanied by Jan Dekker.

kloosterlaan 138
breda 4811EE
the netherlands

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