New release Francisco López – 1987

Posted on January 13, 2023
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Brand new CD release entitled 1987 by Francisco López on Universaalkunst.

Limited to 150 copies, housed in a night-blue folder style sleeve, signed and numbered.
Only 75 up for sale.

De Fabriek – Operation Gerboise Bleue

Posted on June 30, 2022
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New release on UNIFAB TAPES, a joint venture of Universaalkunst and De Fabriek..
Radiant red CDr with laser-die-cut cover plus C60 Cassette, multiple inserts, a BRL radiation dosage calculator and Potassium iodide tablets. All held in a printed green canvas tactical belt pouch (so you can carry this Fabrieks release wherever you go)
Limited to 23 handnumbered copies.

The Holstein Tapes Vol. 1

Posted on April 4, 2022
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New release by Martijn Hohmann: The Holstein tapes Vol.1

Source material was taken from the reel-to-reel tape archive of sound recorder / editor Wim van Holstein (1944-1992). Tape manipulation, processing, (soft)synths and mixing by M.Hohmann.

Released on UNIFAB TAPES April 1, 2022
UNIFAB TAPES is a joint venture of Universaalkunst and De Fabriek.

Music by Martijn Hohmann
Mastered by Nÿland at 4 & Rising
Photography by Marc Heijmans
Design by Universaalkunst
Two track C40 ‘Petrol blue’ Audio Cassette with white on-body printing, wrapped in source tape material. Packaged in a deluxe handmade pasted box with various inserts on recycled tax envelope paper and postal relics. Limited to 50 copies, each copy different. Signed and handnumbered in gold ink.
Order your your copy now

Ruis van Eustachius 6

Posted on April 4, 2022
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Ma 04-04-2022 van 20:00 tot 22:00
#electronic #experimental #drone #outsider #noise #uneasy listening

nu te beluisteren op mixcloud

Henry Purcell – The Queen’s Funeral March (Procession), March for the funeral of Queen Mary – 1695
Lingua Ignota – Butcher of the World, Caligula – 2019
Yosuke Fuj||ita – KŌMORI 2, KŌMORI – 2020
Psychic TV – The Orchids, Dreams Less Sweet 1983
Swalm – Dadoa I, Dadoa – 2022
Coil – Indolol,3-[2-(Dimethylamino)Ethyl]_ Phosphate Ester, Time Machines – 1998
Vance Orchestra – Squeak Taps in Response, The E emission – 2002
Rechenzentrum – Vertikal, The John Peel Sessions – 2001
Prurient – Greenpoint, Frozen Niagara Falls – 2015
De Fabriek – Harrisburg, Blecheintopf – 1982
Clock DVA – Connection Machine, Buried Dreams 1989
Techno Animal – Cruise Mode 101, Brotherhood of the Bomb – 2001
Herbie Man – Memphis Underground, Memphis Underground 1969
Pierre Henry – La Noire À Soixante, La Noire À Soixante + Granulométrie – 1967
Lasse Marhaug & Jérôme Noetinger – Trk3_GS_GO, Top – 2022
Anne Gillis – Appel à Base, <<…>> – 2021
Maja Ratkje – En træflis å tygge på, Sult 2019
Gabor Lazar – Boundry Object VI, Boundry Object – 2022
Duma – Cannis, Cannis 2021
Dyane Donck – Irredeemable 2013
De Fabriek – Nicht So sein wie de Wayne, Schuurpapier – 1980
Chris & Cosey – Re education through labour, Trance – 1982
Merzbow – Takemitsu, Amlux – 2002
The Swans – Thank you, Filth – 1983
Penny Rimbaud – Somewhere over the Rainbow, Corpus Mei – 2021

Ruis van Eustachius 3

Posted on November 20, 2021
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Ma 22-11-2021 van 20:00 tot 22:00
#electronic #experimental #drone #outsider #noise #uneasy listening

Nu te beluisteren op Mixcloud


The Bug – Pressure
Fire – 2021

The Bug – Pressure | Fire – 2021
Lennie Hibbert – Rose Len | Creation – 1969
Squarepusher – Hello Meow 04:20 | Hello Everything – 2006
Angelo Badalamenti – Jitterbug | Mulholland Drive OST – 2001
Coil – Theme for Blue II | Unnatural History 2 – 1993
Herbie Hancock – Rain dance | Sextant – 1973
Pierre Henry – La Reine Verte | La Reine verte – 1965
Organum-ZEV – I | Tinnitus VU – 2004
Oval – Do While | 94 Diskont – 1996
Goblin – Susperia | Susperia OST – 1976
Whitehouse – Munkisi Munkondi | Birdseed – 2003
Sorry For Laughing – The Necessity Of Good Timing | See It Alone – 2021
Joke Lanz – Voices in my Head | Zungsang – 2021
Fred Frith – The Boy Beats The Rams (Kluk Tluce Berany) | Gravity – 1980
Ethiopian tribal song – Dirashe Syncopated Panpipes | Staring into the Sun – 2021
Roland Kayn – Nomogram | Scanning Kybernetische Muskik IV – 1982
Merzbow – Ushiwaka Kurama Iri | Yoshinotsune – 2004
John Zorn – Tashlikh | Film Works IX, Trembling Before God – 2000
Charles Hayward – Make Believe | Survive The Gesture – 1987
Error 23 – I Like 2 Wish | Error 23 – 2007
Pendant – The Story Of My Ancestor The River | To All Sides They Will Stretch Out Their Hands – 2021
Floating Points/Pharaoh Sanders LSO – Movements 1-5 | Promises – 2021
Will Guthrie – Snoopy | People Pleaser Pt. II – 2021
Swalm – E Alem | Swalm – 2021
Holger Czukay – Hiss’n’listen | On The Way To The Peak Of Normal – 1981

Ruis van Eustachius 2 bij RaRaRadio

Posted on October 5, 2021
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Antonio Carlos Jobim – Vivo Sonhando | Personalidade – 1987
The Necks – Rise | Unfold – 2017
Keith Fullerton Whitman – Disingenuousness | Disingenuity – 2010
Art Bears – The Bath Of Stars | Winter Songs – 1979
The Threshold HouseBoys Choir – So Young It Knows No Maturing | Form Grows Rampant – 2007
Cabaret Voltaire – Premonition | Voice of America – 1980
Cabaret Voltaire – Dekadrone | Dekadrone – 2021
Seefeel – Evio | Rupt + Flex 94-96 – 2021
Floating Points – For Marmish | Elaenia – 2015
Giuseppe Ielasi – 04 | Five Wooden Frames – 2020
NDIO – The City | Zenith – 2021
Tom Dissevelt/Kid Baltan – Moon Maid | Song of the Second Moon – 1968
Af Ursin – Oogsprong | De Overkant – 2014
Martijn Hohmann – Deemsterhede | The Hohmann Transfer – 2020
Alèmu Aga – Sele Sene Seolet | Ethiopiques Vol.11 The Harp of King David 2001
Judgitzu – Umeme | Umeme Kelele – 2019
Rey Sapienz – Na Zala Zala | Na Zala Zala – 2021
MC Yallah/Debmaster – TT12/Kubali | Kubali – 2019
Robert Wyatt – Sea Song | Rock Bottom – 1974
Muslimgauze – Sector 2 | Azazzin – 1996
Idea Fire Company – Stranded II | Stranded – 2005
Beequeen – clockwise / My wicked ways | Ownliness – 2002
Maurizio Bianchi – Muzique Belzec | Mectpyo Blut – 1980
Miles Davis – Filles de Kilimajaro | Filles de Kilimanjaro – 1969

De gehoorgangers op RaRaRadio

Posted on August 31, 2021
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Martijn Hohmann and Marc Heijmans’ DJ debut on RaRaRadio.
De gehoorgangers bring you Ruis van Eustachius.
mon 30-08 19:00 to 21:00
#electronic #experimental #drone #outsider #noise #uneasy listening

Listen on MixCloud

Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck – Wurstklopfer | 23 Brutal Humouroid Dramas By Rudolf – Tochnit Aleph
Merzbow – Promotion Man | Merzbeat – Important Records
Pye Corner Audio – Stars Shine Like Eyes | Stars Shine Like Eyes – Death Waltz Originals
Aleister Crowley – Hymn To The American People | The 1910 – 1914 Wax Cylinder Recordings – Transparency
Thomas Brinkmann – Klick A1, A2 | Klick – Max Ernst
Soeur Marie Keyrouz – Ya Walidata-I-Ilah, Office De La Nativite De La Mere De Dieu | Chants Sacrés Melchites- Harmonia Mundi
Alva Noto – Xerrox Spiegel | Xerrox 4 – Raster Noton
HIA & Biosphere – Snapshot Survey | Polar Sequences – Biophon
Steve Roden – Between Yellow and White | Between Yellow And White On One Side. Between Blue And Black On The Other – Banned Production
De Fabriek – Rustpunt | Terugkeren – De Fabriek records and tapes
Modelbau – Trace | Senderfolge – Universaalkunst
Jos Smolders – Plate 5 | Submerge Emerge – Chronica
[The User] – exerpts from Symphony #1 for Dot Matrix Printers | Symphony #1 for Dot Matrix Printers – Staalplaat
Nurse With Wound – Beware The African Mosquito | Man with the woman face – ICR
Coil – His body was a playground for the Nazi Elite | Ohrensausen – DOM
Umpio – Transduction in Icy Water | Insektio – Zhelezobeton
Shit And Shine – Chervette | Malibu Liquor Store – Rocket Recordings
Han Bennink Trio – Adelante 1 | Adelante – Instant Composers Pool
Florian Hecker – C51 | 2 track 12″ – Mego
Duke Ellington – The Sleeping Lady And The Giant Who Watches Over Her | Latin American Suite – Fantasy
Cantor Shalom Katz – El Mule Rachamim | El Mule Rachamim 1946 recording – Supraphon
Organum – The Slaughter | Ikon – Robot Records
Anna von Hausswolff ‎– Dolore Di Orsini | All Thoughts Fly – Southern Lord
Prurient / Kevin Drumm – First Memory Of Pain | All Are Guests In the House Of The Lord – Hospital Productions
Wolf Eyes – Black Vomit | Burned Mind – Sub Pop
Duma – Pembe 666 | Duma – Nyege Nyege tapes
John Duncan & Stefano Pilia – Try Again | Try again – Maple Death Records
Narwal – Untitled | Nirvana – De Fabriek records and tapes
Rashad Becker – Dances V | Traditional Music of Notional Species Vol. II – Pan
Sudden Infant – Pow | wilight Sleep – Soja-Sauce Bolognese
Nico – Abschied | Desertshore – Reprise
Ghédalia Tazartès – Tazardrama/Tentatives/Malina | Voyage À L’Ombre – Demosaurus
Ghédalia Tazartès – Elie | ransports – Alga Marghen

Senderfolge by Modelbau

Posted on February 23, 2021
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Modelbau is Frans de Waard who has been on the forefront of the Dutch experimental music scene for decades and has been involved in numerous projects like Kapotte Muziek, Beequeen, Goem, Zebra, Freiband, Wander, Shifts, Qst, Wasm, THU20.. just to name a few..
Since 2012 Modelbau is Frans’ main project doing live improvisational electronics focusing on mainly analog sound sources.

“November 2020 was a very productive month for Modelbau. I spent no less than 20 evenings recordings bits of music, and as with all things Modelbau all of this is recorded live to two tracks. This month I used a lot of (iPad) synthesizers, a lot of radio sounds, Korg MS20 and only a small bit of cassettes. I selected the best bits, applied minimal editing.”

Senderfolge has been culled from these November 2020 sessions.

Here we find the Modelbau at its best: creating beautiful and subtle environments that feel quite familiar but alienating at the same time. Like the hazy memory of a place you have (almost) forgotten about.. Slowly shifting electronics with radio fragments and hiss trickling through and fading away again. 

High quality ‘pro duped’ transparent on-body printed C60 cassette.
Housed in a deluxe debossed cardboard linen-look box packed in a specially designed shipping box. The shipping box itself is part of this release, all copies are slightly different and personalised. Open with care..

Limited to 40 numbered copies.

Senderfolge was released on 4-3-21
It has now sold out!

New release: The Hohmann Transfer

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New full length CD by Martijn Hohmann released on De Fabriek records and tapes. A total of eight tracks make up this release which is a ‘free association between the various forms of leaving earth’  Traveling to the moon, losing one’s consciousness or the end of life itself, with the Hohmann family name as a starting point and guiding theme. Experty Mastered by Jos Smolders at EARLabs.
Released in a luxury spot varnished 6 panel digipack. Limited to 200 numbered copies, each containing a small unique signed artwork.

Available for only 15,- EUR a copy.

Orders can be placed by sending an email to
Shipping within the Netherlands is 3,-. Europe is 7,50, World depends on your location..
You can also order through Bandcamp or Discogs if you so prefer.

The Box

A special edition is also available.

A stamped and pasted 7″ reel-to reel box containing the CD, a giant 840 x 960mm poster, an art-print, a unique signed and numbered artwork and various undisclosed theme related artifacts.
Limited to 25 copies only.  45,00 Eur a copy

Almost gone, only one copy remaining..


Frans de Waard – Vital Weekly may 5th 2020

The first thing to notice here is this released by De Fabriek Records & Tapes, a label usually reserved for releases by De Fabriek, even when in ancient history they released music by Mark Lane, RTC, Gen Ken Montgomery and The Force Dimension. However, Hohmann belongs to the current rotating cast of members of De Fabriek and helps them out with the design of covers. So, that might explain this. Martijn Hohmann works as a visual and audio artist in Breda, The Netherlands,
and over the years he didn’t release that much as a solo artist. His last one was a limited run 3″CDR, Yunus’ (Vital Weekly 1114), which I enjoyed quite a bit, even when it was all way too brief. This time, Hohmann went to town. ‘The Hohmann Transfer’ is released in two editions. One is a standard digipack, with spot varnish and ‘teacup’ print inside, while the other is a box, about 7″ sized and it contains bigger printed cards, “giant 840 x 960mm poster, an art print, a unique signed and numbered artwork and various undisclosed theme-related artefacts”, which I am still not sure what they are. This is an edition of twenty-copies. The poster contains a map of the moon and that is what this release is about; transfers to the moon. The fateful mission of Apollo 10 and the death of Hohmann’s father; both travel towards the moon, the end of life. And, it is also the end of the line of the name Hohmann, so I am told. What is not said here, on the cover or otherwise, is what kind of
instruments Hohmann is using. Before he was interested in using vinyl as sources, but I would think this is replaced by the use of synthesizers, modular, analogue or software-based (I am not the sort of expert to say anything sensible about that), along with found sound from NASA (well, duh!), field recordings and an ancient recording from 1860 of ‘Au Claire De La Lune’. Throughout the music is slow and peaceful; it is like being a slow spaceship moving through a vast empty and dark night, destination moon, but maybe also destination unknown. It is heavy on the drone side but it is not exclusively just that. In ‘Deemesterhede’ there is some sort of pulse to be noted, next to crackles and drones, that reminded me of Pan Sonic and in ‘Au Claire De Lune’, lots static, vinyl crackles and transmissions. Sometimes the music is all-dark but, again, also not something that he does all over the place. ‘Morphin’ is a ray of light, despite the heavy-handed title. Here we have eight pieces,
sixty-three minutes of pure sonic bliss. If I had such a thing, this would be my pick of the week. (FdW)

Gonzo Circus  Juli-augustus 2020
Toevallig draagt deze Nederlandse multimedia artiest dezelfde familienaam als de uitvinder van een spiraalvormige baan voor ruimtereizen. Dit gecombineerd met de dood (Alzheimer) van zijn vader maakt van dit album een verrassend concept rond het thema loslaten. Na enkele vinylreleases (verpakt in pizzadozen) is het de eerste cd voor Hohmann, die dit keer wel moeite doet om in een speciale verpakking te voorzien. Tweehonderd exemplaren komen in een gelakt digipack met als bijlage een individuele print. Een editie van vijfentwintig reist in een box met uniek artwork, en bijlagen waaronder een kaart van maankraters. De muziek werkt veelal met drones, afgewisseld met NASAsamples (Apollo 11), omgevingsgeluiden en radiosignalen. Maar diep verborgen zitten bassen, die af en toe krachtig tot ontploffing komen. Hoewel hij natuurlijk andere uitgangspunten heeft, zal deze cd zeker fans van Lustmord of Inade bevallen. Een bijzondere track vormt ‘lch Habe Mich Sozusagen Verloren’ met een verwarde stem (van zijn vader veronderstellen we) tegen een achtergrond van gedreun. Er komen (te) veel drone-cd’s op ons pad, maar dit is een juweeltje. (pv)


BNdeStem October 2020
download  pdf here:
martijn hohmann 2020-10-22_BNDeStem_-_Breda_-_22-10-2020_print

The Standards Issue

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