New release on UNIFAB De Fabriek / Chandor Gloomy / Wipeç throught the hands of V-lars and bananskolen delivered by Goodiepal – Living in the Sky Train

Posted on July 11, 2023
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UNIFAB 004 released July 1, 2023

C90 Audio Cassette with priority mail labels and a Esperanto Pan European Union Passport stamped with credits. All packed in a stickered and stamped manilla rivet string envelope. Handmade & limited to 50 numbered copies. Each copy is personalised with the buyers name and address on the cover
For this release De Fabriek were: R.van Dellen, M. Hohmann, C. Jenkins, P. Pet and L.Mossing.
Mixed by Martijn Hohmann and Richard van Dellen, design by Universaalkunst.


Review Vital Weekly 1394
There are many cassette labels worldwide, especially in our musical universe, yet very few do anything exciting with packaging. UNIFAB is the exception. This new one comes in a paper envelope, with my name on it, like a proper envelope, an old paper envelope with an ever older Dutch stamp, a passport for the Pan European Union, complete with stamps by the various groups (no photo from me though!) and the cassette looks like one of those old cassette Dutch posts at one point to send an audio letter. Very neat and very professionally made. This is what it says about the music; “Music by De Fabriek, Wipeç (through the hands of V-Lars and Bananskolen, delivered by Goodiepal) and Chandor Gloomy. For this release, De Fabriek were: R.van Dellen, M. Hohmann, C. Jenkins, P. Pet and L. Mossing. Mixed
by Martijn Hohmann and Richard van Dellen”. It is never easy with cassettes to tell the difference between the tracks, but in this case, there are no gaps, and it’s all one long stream of sound. So what the input is by De Fabriek, Wipeç, or Chandor Gloomy is hard to say, even when I believe to hear some of Goodiepal’s trademark electronics and maybe, some of Gloomy’s more noise-oriented work. The tape is long, ninety minutes in total. It takes the listener on an extensive journey, from mild noise to drones, ‘silly’ electronics, rhythm, techno-like bits, ethnic samples, obscure loops, and the only thing missing is, perhaps, a jolly melody. The melodies here are a bit too weird to be a pop song. Everything is moving about, and one goes from one thing to the next; imagine you’re walking on a sunny road, take a left turn, and it’s raining; take a right turn to find some snow; you never know what happens next. Only towards the end, the music stays a bit longer in one place, which is a
slightly more noisy/drone thing. The music reflects De Fabriek’s history quite well. Over the past 40+ years, they have created music in wildly varied musical genres (not heavy metal or country, but you get my drift). Techno, ambient, noise, and, this time, all combined into a long tape to celebrate the ‘anything go’ principles. (FdW)

Zinging Tangerine 100 record object

Posted on March 13, 2023
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100 artists were invited to do a (preferably still playable) artwork made from a 7″ record.
Martijn Hohmann did this five records stack. Five records were cut to an increasing smaller sizes and stacked on one another.

New release by De Fabriek en Esplendor Geométrico

Posted on February 28, 2023
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Rooie Disco / Disco Rojo

Double CD in silkscreened tin-can holds various inserts housed in an stamped outer paper bag.
Limited to 150 copies. All music 2022.

Donkere kamer re-release

Posted on February 21, 2023
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The initial DAT tapes have sold out at ‘Now DAT’s What I Call Music’
Re-release of Donkere Kamer on black dye CDr. Limited to 50 copies .
Housed in a photographic paper style cardboard envelope witn in inserts and photos in a lighttight black inner bag.

The Ant-Arctic Anti-Record

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Over a year in the making and finaly done..
12″ anti-record multiple with mini CDr.
This 3 mm thick lasercut and engraved acrylic Anti Record is playable and ends in a locked groove.
This is not a regular cut or pressed record but the grooves have been engraved using a lasercutter.
Playback at own risk, we are not responsible for the unlikely event of damage to your cartridge or stylus.
The mini CDr contains an edited version of the track Cryosphere which is taken from the forthcoming album Gaandeweg. Soundsources are processed recordings of melting ice, fighting ants and this 12″ record object. Limited to 12 numbered and signed copies.

New release Francisco López – 1987

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Brand new CD release entitled 1987 by Francisco López on Universaalkunst.

Limited to 150 copies, housed in a night-blue folder style sleeve, signed and numbered.
Only 75 up for sale.

Martijn Hohmann – Donkere kamer

Posted on November 3, 2022
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Field recordings made in Rotterdam, Breda, and Antwerp early 2022 and Groot Ammers summer 2021.
Additional processing, (soft)synths and mixing May-August 2022. All music Martijn Hohmann 2022.

Donkere kamer is a single sixty minute piece divided into five parts:
1 De Man Met De Zeiss
2 De Trein Der Traagheid
3 Sint-Anna Onder De Schelde
4 Markdal
5 Rietveld

The Label
Now DATs What I Call Music.. A new label started by Frans de Waard.
16 different DATs by 17 great musicians. Each is an edition of 17 copies.
You can buy the DAT’s directly from Frans and you also get the complete music as a download or go to Bandcamp and get a shorter edit / exerpt for free. Rutger Zuydervelt did the lovely design.

Gonzo Circus review:

Martijn Hohmann – Donkere Kamer



Op invitatie van Korm Plastics werden zestien DAT-tapes gerecycleerd (door artiesten als Radboud Mens, Orphax, Modelbau, Vertonen, enzovoort) en zo een vreselijk lot in de afvalcontainer bespaard. Slechts vijftien exemplaren van elke release worden te koop aangeboden, maar gelukkig wordt het geluid ook digitaal verkrijgbaar gemaakt. DAT nummer veertien draagt onze bijzondere aandacht weg: het is immers een eerbetoon aan Mark Rietveld, de fotograaf (Het Bos en Gonzo (circus)) die in juli 2022 op tweeënvijftigjarige leeftijd uit het leven stapte. Veldopnamen en softsynths vormen vijf dreunende klanklandschappen en dragen titels die allemaal naar de dood verwijzen. Soms nadrukkelijk (‘De Man Met De Zeiss’), een andere keer via een literaire of biologische en taalkundige omweg. Martijn Hohmann (De Fabriek) maakte onder andere opnames in de voetgangerstunnel onder de Schelde, toen hij er in gezelschap van Rietveld naar een concert wandelde. Er zijn ook subtiele kikkergeluiden te horen uit een natuurreservaat in Breda, en de zachte afsluiter bevat opnames gemaakt in een rietveld in de polders. Tussen het ruisende riet en de watergeluiden echoot een treurmars van drones. Dit is natuurlijk een prachtige laatste groet, maar ook zonder inhoudelijke voorkennis is ‘Donkere Kamer’ een sterke en knap uitgebalanceerde release. (pv)

De Fabriek – Operation Gerboise Bleue

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New release on UNIFAB TAPES, a joint venture of Universaalkunst and De Fabriek..
Radiant red CDr with laser-die-cut cover plus C60 Cassette, multiple inserts, a BRL radiation dosage calculator and Potassium iodide tablets. All held in a printed green canvas tactical belt pouch (so you can carry this Fabrieks release wherever you go)
Limited to 23 handnumbered copies.

The Holstein Tapes Vol. 1

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New release by Martijn Hohmann: The Holstein tapes Vol.1

Source material was taken from the reel-to-reel tape archive of sound recorder / editor Wim van Holstein (1944-1992). Tape manipulation, processing, (soft)synths and mixing by M.Hohmann.

Released on UNIFAB TAPES April 1, 2022
UNIFAB TAPES is a joint venture of Universaalkunst and De Fabriek.

Music by Martijn Hohmann
Mastered by Nÿland at 4 & Rising
Photography by Marc Heijmans
Design by Universaalkunst
Two track C40 ‘Petrol blue’ Audio Cassette with white on-body printing, wrapped in source tape material. Packaged in a deluxe handmade pasted box with various inserts on recycled tax envelope paper and postal relics. Limited to 50 copies, each copy different. Signed and handnumbered in gold ink.
Order your your copy now

Ruis van Eustachius 6

Posted on April 4, 2022
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Ma 04-04-2022 van 20:00 tot 22:00
#electronic #experimental #drone #outsider #noise #uneasy listening

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