Yunus CDR

Mini CDr in seaweed packaging..



Review by Frans de Waard in Vital weekly 1114


When I reviewed De Fabriek’s ‘Remixes Vol. 3’ in Vital Weekly 1112, I wondered what the individual contributions would sound like, seeing as some of these members (workers De Fabriek calls them) never meet up, and if they could recognize their music in a finished piece; I know I didn’t. Martijn Hohmann send me his contributions, four sketches of sound indeed, of whispering voices and electronic processed sounds from a market. However one of these sketches was already becoming it’s own finished piece of music, which Hohmann has available (or not) as a 3”CDR. It is called ‘Yunus’, the Arabic version of Jona in the whale, which he made seeing a Dutch documentary about migration (by Bram Vermeulen), and Hohmann uses sounds from ‘De Drenkeling’ (the drowning man). I still haven’t seen that episode, but I am sure Hohmann captures the feeling of people on rafts, fleeing their homeland in search of a safer heaven pretty well. There are water sounds, a bit of talking, and some excellent drones that sound beautifully claustrophobic as well as pretty nautical. This is some excellent music that works as it’s own documentary I guess. Just under ten minutes, which is the saddest thing, as the main portion of the piece, the sea sounds, raft and drones could have easily lasted twice as long as far as I am concerned. It’s not on his website but bug him for a copy! (FdW)